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Recession Busting Marketing

Everyone agrees: The economy is in trouble. Individuals and businesses alike are facing financial challenges the likes of which have not been experienced in decades. 
With crisis, however, comes opportunity. Every challenge brings with it the potential for growth. Some of the wealthiest individuals and greatest companies got their start in troubled times.
What’s the best way for a new or existing business to make the most of recessionary trends, to triumph in the face of adversity?
We propose a three-part formula: (1) astute analysis of current conditions, (2) rigorous evaluation of all existing expenditures and (3) innovative, kick-ass marketing!
Marketing does not have to be costly. Something that pays for itself many times over, as is the case with effective marketing, does not really cost anything, does it? What’s expensive is marketing that doesn’t work.
BEAT THE RECESSION! Position yourself as a solid, major player, regardless of economic cycle. Talk with us about how to make it happen. Contact us today. 

Sample Case Study A

Less Can Be More
Client A was preparing to invest $25,000 to participate in a trade show, on the chance that he could make some connections that were by no means assured. We helped him  achieve the desired results in a much shorter time frame, using an innovative  social networking technique, at a small fraction of the trade show budget. "You're a genuis!" he proclaimed.



Sample Case Study B 

Never Say Never
Client B had been searching unsuccessfully for the perfect dot-com URL, to match up with a perfect company name. His search had stretched out over several months and he was understandably frustrated. "All the good names have been taken!" he lamented. The same day we showed him a "secret" technique, his search was over.  (Yes, it's legal. Just not known.)