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FAQ List

Q: How much do your services cost?
A: Actually, they donít cost anything. Yes, you read that right. Because when something pays for itself many times over, it doesnít really cost anything.

Fees are quoted by the project, on a case-by-case basis, consistent with the schedule in Writerís Market, the standard industry reference.

It would be fair to say that clients get extraordinary work at ordinary rates. There is a small number of All-Star caliber writers in the same league but they will charge much more.

That being said, if what youíre looking for is ďbargain basementĒ writing, you wonít find that here. If your focus is on fees, as opposed to the quality of the work, we're not for you.
Q: What do you require to quote a fee?
A: The specifics of what the job in question will involve, including a look at the materials.

One quick way to get a ballpark quote, when appropriate, is to point us to an example of the final product: "I want a home page like this" or "I want a brochure that looks pretty much like this and you'd have to write it from scratch."

Either way, quoting a specific fee requires some specific information. It's not feasible to issue a one-size-fits-all menu along the lines of "Web Page: $99.95." One person's web page might involve only an hour, while another's might need a day.
Q: How do you accept payment?
A: PayPal accommodates all major credit cards and personal checks drawn on North American accounts. You don't need a PayPal account. Alternate payment arrangements can be made when appropriate.
Q: What are your terms?
A: For smaller jobs, payment up front in full is required. Larger jobs may be paid in installments.
Q: May I see more samples of your work, beyond the writing at this website and apart from the web content at the URLs you have posted on your Samples page?
A: Yes. Just ask.
Q: How are you different?
A: First, we offer extraordinary quality at ordinary professional rates. There is a handful of All-Star caliber writers in the same league but they charge much more. Second, the copywriting we do is all based on sound marketing principles. It wonít just sound good. It will be effective. Third, our approach is both holistic and innovative. For specifics, please refer to the highlighted section of the About page.
Q: How soon can you finish my project?
A: That depends on current workload and availability. Please inquire.
Q: What's your customer satisfaction rate?
A: Virtually 100 percent. This is due in part to the fact that we do refrain from taking on projects that donít seem like a good fit for us.
    Q: Is there any type of work that you wonít accept?
    A: We wonít get involved with anything that is illegal, unethical or hateful. There are some products and services we would prefer not to promote. If in doubt, please inquire.
    Q: What are your client requirements?
    A: Effective collaboration calls for agreement with regard to fundamental approach, as described in the highlighted section of the About page. A positive "win-win" perspective is also helpful.
    Q: Where are you physically located?
    A: Northern California, with offices in the Central Valley and Silicon Valley.
    Q: Does it matter if I donít live in your area?
    A: We have satisfied clients the world over, most of whom we never meet in person but we feel very close to, through our contact by email and telephone.
    Q: Whatís the next step for me to take, if I have more questions or Iím interested in working with you?
    A: Send us an email (info@burningbullseye.com), outlining the nature of your query. We will respond promptly. There is no charge to you for an initial evaluation/consultation by email.
    Q: But I want to talk with you by phone first, without giving you any description of my needs or situation by email. Will you call me?
    A: In a word, no, simply because that's not practical. We've tried that and it doesn't work. Call-backs are available for qualified prospects, after we determine basic fit, utilizing email. If what's called for is paid consultation, we may offer you that option. 
    Thank you for your interest in our services!

    Sample Case Study A

    Less Can Be More
    Client A was preparing to invest $25,000 to participate in a trade show, on the chance that he could make some connections that were by no means assured. We helped him  achieve the desired results in a much shorter time frame, using an innovative  social networking technique, at a small fraction of the trade show budget. "You're a genuis!" he proclaimed.


    Sample Case Study B 

    Never Say Never
    Client B had been searching unsuccessfully for the perfect dot-com URL, to match up with a perfect company name. His search had stretched out over several months and he was understandably frustrated. "All the good names have been taken!" he lamented. The same day we showed him a "secret" technique, his search was over.  (Yes, it's legal. Just not known.)



    Sample Case Study C

    Work Smarter, Not Harder
    Client C wanted to take his business to the "next level," going from regional to national in scope. We helped him break into the radio and TV talk show circuit. In only a few weeks, he was getting literally millions of dollars' worth of free publicity, successfully positioning himself as an expert nationwide. The biggest kick, he reports, is giving the interviews at home by phone in his pajamas.

    Sample Case Study D

    Give and You Shall Receive
    Client D was having a hard time getting quality new clients. She was quickly spending her way into oblivion, with little to show for it. We prepared a White Paper for her and, equally important, a strategy for attracting new clients, based on an offer for her new free valuable report. Now she spends much less on marketing, for superior results.

    Sample Case Study E

    Dialing for Dollars
    Client E's business was based largely on highly focused telemarketing, targeting CEO-level individuals. It was increasingly difficult to get past the gatekeepers and to score any sales. His telemarketers had quit. We showed him a completely new paradigm and provided him with a new script, which immediately turned his business around.