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Director's Message

Whoever you are, wherever you are — even though I haven't had the privilege of meeting you directly yet — I'll bet I know at least a few things about you.
First, I know you're busy. There's more that you'd like to do, online or off, than there is time to do it. Second, I know you're interested in writing and marketing services (even if you're just another writer, who's here for "competitive intelligence"). Third, I know that, as a fellow human being, your favorite "radio station" has got to be WII-FM: "What's In It For Me?"
If you send me an email or leave me a voice message, I will probably be able to discern much more about you: your educational level, your social status and your basic personality, among other things.
If you direct me to your website or have an extended conversation with me, my understanding of you at that point will probably surprise you and may even make you a bit uncomfortable at first. But that's OK, because that's part of my job: To get to know you. Doing that enables me to better help you. I have no other purpose or agenda.
Writing and marketing at the highest level involve more than just writing and marketing. Writing and marketing at the highest level demand a profound knowledge of human nature. It also calls for the ability to size up new people and new markets or target audiences quickly. I will only be good at selling you something or persuading you to do something if I understand what makes you tick and I understand your guiding motivations.
With that background in mind, allow me to introduce myself, very briefly: My name is Dan Berman and I'm Creative Director here at BurningBullseye.com
During the course of more than 20 years of professional work, I've garnered experience in just about all categories, from ghostwriting celebrity autobiographies to annual corporate reports to adult movie scripts and just about everything in between. (Yes, the best adult movies - although they are few and far between - really do have scripts!)
I often work independently but when it's appropriate, I bring in other talented professionals: writers, web designers, graphic artists and so on, to offer clients the benefits of a "one-stop solution" to their writing and marketing needs.
    Some people like to know that I attended Harvard, earned a Ph.D. and taught for a number of years at the college level in several departments, including communication. For others, it's enough to know that I excel at what I do and consistently obtain for clients exceptional results. 
    My approach, at a personal level, is low-key, with a minimum of showmanship. I am not a "shock jock," who would have you believe that the best results are achieved by being brash or even brazen or insulting. A master writer or marketer understands that there is a world of difference between simply getting someone's attention (momentarily) and earning that attention (so that whomever you're engaging will stay with you).
    It is immature and foolish to think that you will earn trust and establish credibility simply by shocking and being obnoxious. Your conversion ratio will not be nearly as high as it could be if you are perceived as credible and trustworthy.
    Similarly, an old-school sales approach based on manipulative persuasion is overwhelmingly inferior to a more enlightened approach, oriented toward understanding and serving one's market.
    If we embark together on a journey of any length to achieve for you whatever results you have in mind, we will need to be in agreement with regard to these fundamentals. It will also be extremely helpful if you are open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things, if you are willing to listen.
    THANK YOU for your interest and attention. I would be pleased to hear from you if you feel we may be a good fit.

    Sample Case Study A

    Less Can Be More
    Client A was preparing to invest $25,000 to participate in a trade show, on the chance that he could make some connections that were by no means assured. We helped him  achieve the desired results in a much shorter time frame, using an innovative  social networking technique, at a small fraction of the trade show budget. "You're a genuis!" he proclaimed.


    Sample Case Study B 

    Never Say Never
    Client B had been searching unsuccessfully for the perfect dot-com URL, to match up with a perfect company name. His search had stretched out over several months and he was understandably frustrated. "All the good names have been taken!" he lamented. The same day we showed him a "secret" technique, his search was over.  (Yes, it's legal. Just not known.)



    Sample Case Study C

    Work Smarter, Not Harder
    Client C wanted to take his business to the "next level," going from regional to national in scope. We helped him break into the radio and TV talk show circuit. In only a few weeks, he was getting literally millions of dollars' worth of free publicity, successfully positioning himself as an expert nationwide. The biggest kick, he reports, is giving the interviews at home by phone in his pajamas.

    Sample Case Study D

    Give and You Shall Receive
    Client D was having a hard time getting quality new clients. She was quickly spending her way into oblivion, with little to show for it. We prepared a White Paper for her and, equally important, a strategy for attracting new clients, based on an offer for her new free valuable report. Now she spends much less on marketing, for superior results.

    Sample Case Study E

    Dialing for Dollars
    Client E's business was based largely on highly focused telemarketing, targeting CEO-level individuals. It was increasingly difficult to get past the gatekeepers and to score any sales. His telemarketers had quit. We showed him a completely new paradigm and provided him with a new script, which immediately turned his business around.