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THE BEST EVIDENCE of a job well done is a satisfied client. Listen to what some of our references have had to say:

"Thank you so much for working with me at my convenience on a Sunday to adjust the opening part of our website at no additional charge, to our complete satisfaction. You truly do go the extra mile for your clients! We'll be asking for your help again soon." — James Butler, J. Butler Property Management, Tewksbury, MA

"I actually never imagined I would be able to find someone who could help me so much in so many ways: concept development, branding, pricing, copywriting, marketing and more. It was like finding the ideal one-stop solution for most of my needs. Dan's level of expertise and range of knowledge are amazing. He is energetic, intelligent, reliable & also extremely personable." — Ken Law, presslite.com, S. San Francisco, CA

"Having worked in the high-tech sector for 25 years, including at and with a variety of Fortune 100 companies, Iíve interacted with many talented writers and marketing consultants. None of them can match Dan in terms of level of skill, ability and professionalism. He is a master, who combines superlative communication skills with an amazing knowledge of consumer behavior and cutting-edge marketing techniques, to produce breathtakingly effective marketing collateral. I would recommend Dan enthusiastically to anyone, except maybe potential competitors! — Bob Roohparvar, Ph.D., InfoGuardCyberSecurity.com, San Jose, CA

"My initial marketing consultation was beyond eye opening. Dan showed me possibilities and angles that I had no idea existed for a business like mine. He provided specific details on how everything could be implemented, to bring my business to a whole new level. I look forward to consulting with him on an ongoing basis." — Jeffrey Penrod, azinvestigator.com, Mesa, AZ

"I have found Daniel's skills as an editor to be extremely valuable." — Teresa H.-Y. Meng, professor, Electrical Engineering, Stanford Univ.

"I just read the website content you wrote for me and I must say that you really hit the mark. I am very satisfied with it and I cannot stress enough how happy I am with your work. That's a lot, coming from someone who is as picky as I am. I will definitely be using your services again and will also be telling others about you." — Carla Castle, marketing manager, Las Vegas, NV

"Access to Dan's services is like having a secret weapon. He truly works wonders."
— Wayne Averill, financial services, Medford, OR

"Daniel Berman's knowledge is encyclopedic, his professionalism and integrity outstanding."
— Michael Jay, credit consultant, Hollywood, CA

"Dr. Berman is knowledgeable in a wide range of areas and truly interested in helping people. I have personally relied upon his expertise with excellent results." — Fred Daily, attorney, San Francisco

"Dan Berman uses time efficiently, understands requirements and does a top professional job."
— E.W. Green, executive search recruiter, Chicago, IL

"Dan's clients are privileged to have the benefit of one of the best and brightest minds in his field. As a marketing specialist myself, I am continually impressed by his marketing savvy and uncanny business know-how." — Roger Blewett, marketing consultant, Walnut Creek, CA

"Dan is a top-notch professional with a wonderful combination of qualities: kind, helpful, effective, reliable and highly ethical. He's also easy and enjoyable to work with." — Michelle Baker, cellular specialist, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"My wife Kim just said, 'I just can't believe what a conscientious mensch he is.' GOD BLESS YOU!" — Peter Brown, online publisher, Windham, ME

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Berman for several years. He is one of the smartest and hardest working professionals I have ever known (and I have been in business since 1981)! His methodology and strategies are immaculate and he is an expert at marketing through conventional means and the Internet."
— Roger Dewes, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

"Dan Berman goes many, many more miles than the 'extra mile.' A thorough, caring, kind, sincere and exceptional individual, I would feel very confident putting anyone in his hands for any reason or for assistance of any kind. He is also very thorough and patient in the way he communicates. Completely trustworthy." — Mary Sanichas, desktop publishing, Oakland, CA

"Daniel is one of the most patient, amiable, meticulous and energetic persons I have ever met. He manages to solve even the most tedious problems with good-natured humor. I trust him completely, knowing that he is always working hard for me."
— Lan-Fong Li, investor, Richmond, CA

"Dan listens to and understands the needs of his clients." — Lorraine Funicello, Houston, TX

"As I quickly discovered the first time I worked with you the first time, you have proven to be a class act. I appreciate the fact that you responded within hours 
ó and on a Sunday, no less! I look forward to our continuing relationship." — B.H.

"You are a Godsend! I have never partnered with anyone whom I trust explicitly like I do you. Thank you for being in my court. You and your team are true PROFESSIONALS! Tell everyone I say thank you, thank you and thank you!" — F.K.

[Submitted to WebAssured.com] "I was surprised at the high quality of their work. They more than completely fulfilled my request, far exceeding expectations. In fact, they could help me do with ease in less than a month what I wasted more than two years trying to do but could not accomplish on my own. This is what I call skill and expertise of the highest order." — S.O.

"You are very kind and compassionate. You take care of your clients very well. In my thinking, what you are doing is a ministry. Isn't that what we ministers and chaplains do: Help people who are in need and walk with them when they are in crisis? May God richly bless your ministry as you continue to assist people in need like me. I will be in touch. Thank you once again." — B.M.

We would be delighted to add YOUR testimonial to the collection some day soon.

Sample Case Study A

Less Can Be More
Client A was preparing to invest $25,000 to participate in a trade show, on the chance that he could make some connections that were by no means assured. We helped him  achieve the desired results in a much shorter time frame, using an innovative  social networking technique, at a small fraction of the trade show budget. "You're a genuis!" he proclaimed.


Sample Case Study B 

Never Say Never
Client B had been searching unsuccessfully for the perfect dot-com URL, to match up with a perfect company name. His search had stretched out over several months and he was understandably frustrated. "All the good names have been taken!" he lamented. The same day we showed him a "secret" technique, his search was over.  (Yes, it's legal. Just not known.)


Sample Case Study C

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Client C wanted to take his business to the "next level," going from regional to national in scope. We helped him break into the radio and TV talk show circuit. In only a few weeks, he was getting literally millions of dollars' worth of free publicity, successfully positioning himself as an expert nationwide. The biggest kick, he reports, is giving the interviews at home by phone in his pajamas.

Sample Case Study D

Give and You Shall Receive
Client D was having a hard time getting quality new clients. She was quickly spending her way into oblivion, with little to show for it. We prepared a White Paper for her and, equally important, a strategy for attracting new clients, based on an offer for her new free valuable report. Now she spends much less on marketing, for superior results.

Sample Case Study E

Dialing for Dollars
Client E's business was based largely on highly focused telemarketing, targeting CEO-level individuals. It was increasingly difficult to get past the gatekeepers and to score any sales. His telemarketers had quit. We showed him a completely new paradigm and provided him with a new script, which immediately turned his business around.