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What Exactly Is a Blog & What Can It Do for Me?

"Blog" is a contraction of the term "web log." A blog is either a website or a part of a website, with regular entries (logged items), in reverse chronological order. Blog entries can be commentary, descriptions of events or other material.
The modern blog, which evolved from online diaries where people would keep running accounts of their personal lives, is said to have been invented in 1993 by a man named Glen Barry. Since 2002, blogs have played an increasingly important role in cyberspace, in the business as well as political arena.
How can blogging benefit you and your organization? The advantages of blogging may be summarized in ten key points:
  • Blogs strengthen branding.
  • Blogs are excellent lead generation tools.
  • Blogs engage prospects and customers alike in constructive conversation.
  • Blogs can offer the option of allowing readers to leave comments and feedback.
  • Blogs are an effective way of sharing information and knowledge.
  • Blogs can be distributed like news feeds, to the far corners of cyberspace.
  • Blogs help you establish expertise and credibility.
  • Blogs remind people about you on a regular basis.
  • Blogs can link and direct readers to places you want them to go.
  • Blogs function as valuable SEO (search engine optimization) tools.  
A good blog can do all this for you and more. To be effective, though, a blog must be much more than simply words on a web page, a pile of verbiage. It must be interesting and it must be well-written. The better written it is, the more effective a job it will do for you.
A mediocre blog can actually do more harm than good. Instead of cultivating goodwill, it will alienate people and drag down your brand. Better to have no blog at all than to have a poor one.
At its best, a blog is informative, entertaining and connects well with the intended audience. It addresses their needs, while positioning you as the leader in your niche or space. At its best, a blog prompts readers to take the desired actions: clicking on particular links, leaving feedback, referring friends and, yes, buying more products and services!
At BurningBullseye.com, the ghost blogging we do is results oriented. Our blogging is memorable, clear and compelling. It generates buzz and good publicity, often with multiple spin-offs, beyond the blog itself.
    We work with a select group of clients whose businesses are either already successful or well enough conceived and capitalized to have this potential. We’re interested in long-term relationships, with quality clients who want the best talent that money can buy because they understand the value of top-notch writing.
    To help you determine whether we might be a good fit, we’ve prepared the following special FAQ, just for “ghost” blogging (writing blogs without a byline or any credit for authorship):
    Q: Where can I see samples of your writing?
    A: At this website, which includes multiple pages and links, as well as client testimonials.
    Q: How much do you charge?
    A: The minimum fee for a blog is $250, which is at the low end of the professional fee schedule ($250-500).

    Q: Isn’t that kind of expensive?
    A: Not for successful businesses who understand that quality work pays for itself many times over. When something makes you money, it doesn’t really cost anything.
    Q: How do you accept payment?
    A: Through PayPal.
    Q: Can you write in different styles?
    A: Yes. We can be corporate. We can be cool. We can be whatever the situation calls for.
    Q: Is there any agreement for me to sign or commitment for me to make in writing?
    A: No. Our clients like our services so much that we don’t have to impose any such requirement.
    Q: What other specialized editorial services do you offer?
    A: Ad copywriting, newsletters, press releases, sales letters and white papers, to name the top five, in alphabetical order.
    Q: I’m interested! How do I take the next step?
    A: Send us an email, with a brief description of what you have in mind or a phone number where we can reach you to discuss your needs: info@BurningBullseye.com

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