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What Is a White Paper & What Can It Do for Me?

Simply stated, a White Paper is a kind of special report that objectively describes a solution to an issue or problem prominent on the mind of the reader, who is also a prospect for the product or service offered by the publisher of the White Paper.
The term "White Paper" originated in the political sphere, to identify a government report outlining official policy in some particular area. The first usage is traced to the Churchill White Paper of 1922, clarifying Britain's interpretation of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, relating to the creation of a Jewish homeland in the territory then known as Palestine.
White Papers, when handled correctly, are highly effective as marketing tools, specifically as lead generators. They attract qualified prospects because they offer free information with regard to solving a problem that is foremost on the mind of the reader. The authoritative White Paper serves to establish the credibility of the company behind the publication.
This process engages individuals in a type of conversation, a dialogue, which leads to the conversion of a certain percentage of decision makers from "suspects" to prospects to customers. This ideally lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship, with the potential for "viral marketing," leading to multiple referrals. 

The type of "bait piece" often known as a White Paper occupies an important position in the "new marketing" pantheon of the Internet era. The traditional hard sell, based on psychological manipulation and overcoming objections, is much less effective in the digital age than it used to be.
The bait piece flies "under the radar" of the prospects it is designed to reach, approaching them with something that is perceived as educational and informational, rather than promotional in nature. This dynamic is what makes possible the dialogue that eventually may form the basis for a business relationship.

There is yet another important basis for the power of the White Paper or bait piece concept, as articulated by Bob Bly in The White Paper Marketing Handbook (on page 89): 
"When you market to a group of target prospects, all of whom are qualified and can benefit from what you are selling, only 10 percent will have an immediate need for your product or service today. The other 90 percent will have a future need. Therefore, if your marketing only targets those who are ready to buy today, you are missing 90 percent of the potential market for your product."

With the White Paper approach, you are marketing to a complete 100 percent of your potential market. Over time, in the aggregate, that makes a tremendous difference. (The bait piece does not have to be called a White Paper, of course. It may be better to call it something else, depending on the circumstances.)
The 8 major benefits to you and your organization, then, may be summarized as follows: 
  • As a lead generation device, the bait piece attracts prospects who would not respond to a traditional sales pitch, generating qualified leads in much larger numbers.
  • The prospects who "raise their hands" and identify themselves represent 100 percent of your potential market (as explained immediately above).
  • A good White Paper or similar bait piece gives you credibility and positions you as a leader in your category, by virtue of your presentation.
  • As something with "binder-level reference value," the shelf life can be quite long, remaining in the prospect's hands, exercising influence for months or even years.
  • A good bait piece has strong viral marketing potential, as the document is distributed among colleagues both inside and outside a particular organization.
  • The piece enables customers to justify their emotional purchase decisions to others, with factual support and information provided by the White Paper.
  • These keyword-rich documents (you may offer more than one) can also serve to boost search engine ranking for your company's website as a whole.
  • Finally, a well-developed bait piece can also serve as the basis for numerous spin-offs, such as press releases announcing the availability of the new report.
A good White Paper or other bait piece can do all this for you and more. To achieve its maximum effect, though, your White Paper must be masterfully written. The more well written it is, the more effective a job it will do for you.
A poor or even mediocre piece can actually do more harm than good. If what you give people disappoints them or even just fails to impress them, you will alienate the influencers and drag down your brand. Better to have no White Paper at all than to have one that is not top-notch.
At its best, a bait piece is clear, concise, accurate, authoritative and completely professional, in terms of both content and appearance. It goes beyond informative to be also interesting and, yes, even entertaining, connecting well with the intended audience. It addresses their needs, while positioning you as the leader in your niche or space. 

At its best, the White Paper will prompt readers in large numbers to take the desired action, to get in touch with you to discuss your product or service as the answer to their needs, if not immediately then at least at some time in the future. 
At BurningBullseye.com, our approach to all the writing we do for clients is results oriented. Our communication is memorable, clear and compelling. It generates buzz and good publicity, typically with multiple spin-offs, beyond the original item.
    We are privileged to work with a select group of clients whose businesses are either already successful or well enough conceived and capitalized to have this potential. We’re interested in long-term relationships, with quality clients who want the best talent that money can buy because they understand the value of top-notch writing.
    To help you determine whether we might be a good fit, we’ve prepared the following special FAQ, just for White Papers and equivalent bait pieces:
    Q: Where can I see samples of your writing?
    A: At this website, which includes multiple pages and links, as well as client testimonials. Sample bait pieces may be made available upon request to qualified organizations.
    Q: How much do you charge?
    A: The minimum fee for a White Paper or special report of 5-10 pages is $2500. This is consistent with professional rates that you will find in Writer's Market and other industry guides.

    Q: Isn’t that kind of expensive?
    A: Not for successful businesses who understand that quality work pays for itself many times over. When something makes you money, it doesn’t really cost anything. "Saving" money on work that is anything short of excellent is the ultimate in false economy, especially considering that a single White Paper can be distributed to thousands of qualified prospects.
    Q: How do you accept payment?
    A: Through PayPal.
    Q: Can you write in different styles?
    A: Yes. We can be corporate. We can be cool. We can be whatever the situation calls for.
    Q: How soon can you have the report ready for us?
    A: Turnaround time depends on availability. If your need is urgent, you are welcome to discuss it with us and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.
    Q: What other specialized editorial services do you offer?
    A: Ad copywriting, business blogging, executive speeches, newsletters, press releases, sales letters, start-up company support and telemarketing scripts, to name the top eight, in alphabetical order. We also offer consulting services on an hourly basis.
    Q: I’m interested! How do I take the next step?
    A: Send us an email, with a brief description of what you have in mind or a phone number where we can reach you to discuss your needs: info@BurningBullseye.com


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